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Infant Program

We give your child individual, nurturing care and maintain routines.

Program Overview

Children approximately* 6 weeks to 18 months old are given individualized care. We keep them on their feeding and diapering schedules and provide one-on-one nurturing care during playtime with gentle rocking and singing.

For older infants, we provide educational toys and activities to enhance the development of hand-eye coordination, balance, and sensory awareness.  


Caregivers plan for each day, individualizing activities, materials, and schedules according to the routines of each child and his or her developmental stage. 

Infants are taken outside for walks on the property in our four-seater stroller.

Program Details

  • Children can enroll for two, three, or five days per week

  • Developmental assessments (CT DOTS and ASQ) completed twice a year with parent/teacher conferences

  • Special needs referral services available

  • Parent education seminars​ on request

To find out more about our preschool program including current tuition rates, please contact our center director.


*Children develop at their own pace and may be ready to move up to the next program level earlier.

Family Reviews


Merryhill is genuinely like family and our children have made such wonderful friendships! My kids are SO HAPPY and ask every morning if it is a "Merryhill day!" We highly recommend!

parker family.jpg

The Parker Family


We've been a part of the Merryhill family for the last 5 years, and plan to continue being a part of the Merryhill family for the next 5! We're grateful to call everyone at Merryhill family!


The Gardner Family

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